We can touch it up

Stone Chip Repair

Driving at high velocities on the highway can cause a lot of stone chips that make your paint look like it went through war. No worries, at Auto Tint Express our technicians with 10+ years of experience can fix just about anything. 

Let us start off by saying: We would never use that blotchy pen to do touch ups. Do we look like amateurs? (You can check our instagram to confirm this @autotintexpressltd) We use a professional paint correction system which blends in seamlessly. No more spotted cars, especially on the hood or bumpers caused by road rash. We have you covered all year long! 


  • Perfect Blending
  • No blotches
  • Car looks like new
  • Best of the Best Technicians
  • Covers up any paint imperfections
  • Avoid having to respray the full vehile
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