About the Company

At Auto Tint Express, we are driven by passion.  Passion for cars; passion for excellence; passion for teamwork. We translate these passions into high quality, professional work for clients at an honest and fair price. 

Auto Tint Express was founded by Derick and Marlon Sequeira.  Enamored with Formula 1 and soccer since a young age, as well as TV shows like Top Gear and West Coast Customs, Derick and Marlon’s pursuit of those passions followed them into their professional lives.  Prior to starting Auto Tint Express, they both played soccer at a professional level, Derick for Toronto FC and Team Canada, and Marlon for teams abroad in Brazil and Costa Rica.  The control, dedication, and determination involved in playing soccer at a world class level translates well into managing a company and perfecting cars.  Professional soccer also instilled in them many key lessons related to perseverance, attention to detail, and teamwork.  When they were ready for the next challenge, Derick and Marlon knew it had to be with cars.  Pivoting the lifelong skills they had developed, Derick and Marlon focused on perfecting and improving cars, the second great passion of their lives. 

At Auto Tint Express, there is a clear focus on exceptional and professional work.  Each car that we work on, whether it is Ceramic Pro coating, a wrap, or a new tint, is treated like artwork and the exceptional piece of machinery that it is.  We take that extra time to make sure that everything is perfect and done beyond your expectations.  Just like the critical teamwork involved in a brilliant soccer or F1 team, Auto Tint Express’ entire team collaborates to ensure every job meets our exacting standards. 

We understand that cars are more than just boxes to move us to and from destinations. We know cars are members of the family.  They have personalities and quirks, and are wonderful reflections of their owners.  Beyond that, they are where many of us spend a lot of our time.  As such, we at Auto Tint Express want all of our customers to enjoy not only their experience with us, but their overall experience with their car.   

At Auto Tint Express, we see every opportunity to work with someone as a ‘Win Win’ scenario.  We get to do what we love and put our skills to use, and each customer gets premium service enhancing their vehicle.  Cars are not just a job for us and we wake up each morning looking forward to perfecting cars. 

We want our customers to see the difference our passion makes in the results. 

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford.

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